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Here it is possible to download some articles that have been published in journals, proceedings, and books.

Algorithms for Today's Practitioner
I was Guest Editor of the special issue of IEEE Software (January/February 2012) on Algorithms for Today's Practitioner. This is the introductory article.

Software as a Business
I was Guest Editor of the special issue of IEEE Software (July/August 2011) on Software as a Business. This is the introductory article.

Renewing the Software Project Management Lifecycle
I was Guest Editor of the special issue of IEEE Software (January/February 2010) on Project Management. This is the introductory article.

Extending FeatuRSEB with Concepts from Systems Engineering
Recent work in systems engineering led us to introduce some of the concepts and diagrams found in SysML into the feature-oriented domain analysis method FeatuRSEB.

Business Register Interoperability Throughout Europe: The BRITE Project
The aim of BRITE, a project in which I was Deputy Coordinator, was to exploit Semantic Web technologies in order to enable interoperation in a transnational scenario of processes between institutions concerning the registration of businesses in the European Union.

Efficient Markets, Efficient Projects, and Predicting the Future
A paper from the fifth international conference on agile methods in June 2004 that explores an intriguing analogy between the way information is disseminated and acted upon in the capital markets and the dynamics of agile software development projects.

Guest Editor Introduction to Special Issue of IEEE Software on Software ROI
Together with my colleagues Wolfgang Strigel and Hakan Erdogmus, I was a Guest Editor of a special issue of IEEE Software (May/June 2004) entitled "Return on Investment in the Software Industry." This is our introductory article.

The Agile Theater
Published in December 2003, it describes the ongoing Agile Theater Project, using improvisational theater techniques for addressing human factors aspects of individual and team dynamics in software development.

Value Based Management and Agile Methods
Written for the fourth international conference on agile methods in the spring of 2003, this article provides a step by step description of value based IT management and how it fits into the agile context. There is also a detailed explanation of the Economic Profit metric as a financial analogue to the operational metric known as software-in-process found in XP and in Lean Management.

Managing Requirements for Business Value
This was a column in IEEE Software in the spring of 2002, discussing a fundamental consequence of value-based thinking: the purpose of requirements management is to increase value.

Extreme Programming and the Economics of Flexibility
Written with my colleague Hakan Erdogmus, this article appeared as a chapter in a book arising from the second international conference on Extreme Programming in 2001. It delves into the theory of options in great detail and presents a number of examples inspired by the principles and practices of agile methods.

Managing IT for Value
Written in 1999 as an invited paper for the Polish national software engineering conference, this article introduced the concept of managing for strategic options. It is written at the managerial level, presenting the results of a number of case studies without descending into the details of the analyses. It also contains the first reference to the work I did with Beck on linking options to the techniques of Extreme Programming.

Strategic Analysis of Application Framework Investments
In this article, which appeared as a chapter in a book on enterprise application frameworks, the emphasis tips firmly over to the strategic principles of value based management applied to IT investment. In the second half of the article, more examples of valuations based on real options are provided.

Value Based Software Reuse Investment
This article picked up where the previous one left off,  rounding out the discussion of traditional valuation and introducing advanced valuation techniques from option pricing theory, using examples from software reuse infrastructure investment. A brief synopsis of the principles of value based management applied to IT investment is provided at the end.

A Comparison of Approaches to Reuse Investment Analysis
This paper was conceived as a first building block in what was to be a series of articles for software engineers on valuation. A comparison was made of several commonly used techniques, each of which had been cited in the literature on software reuse economics. Value based management is mentioned only briefly.

When the Pursuit of Quality Destroys Value
This article, appearing as a column in IEEE Software in 1996, introduced the value-based way of thinking as it applies to programs of quality and the concept of customer satisfaction. It provoked a lively discussion at the time, both for and against.

Adding Feature Modeling to the RSEB
This article describes work done with my colleagues Martin Griss of H-P labs and Massimo d'Alessandro on extending the Reuse-Driven Software Engineering Business (RSEB) with facilities for feature-oriented domain analysis.

FODAcom: An Experience with Domain Analysis in the Italian Telecom Industry
Feature-Oriented Domain Analysis has been the inspiration for a number of variants, customized for specific sectors, as in this case for the telecommunications industry.

Z39.50 and the World Wide Web
This article written by my colleague Sebastian Hammer and myself on the relationship between the Z39.50 protocol and Web has turned out to have a remarkable resilience in the Library Sciences community. Here is a link to it at its home at the D-LIB online digital library magazine.